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Are we there yet? October 17, 2013

Posted by Tony in Education comment, Education Notes, ICT in education.
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My point: New Australian Curriculum, a new exciting subject called digital technologies on the drawing board; we need teaching resources and teacher professional development to make it happen and we shouldn’t wait until the subject documentation is confirmed by the government authorities as that will put us months/years behind.

The Australian Curriculum is an exciting place to visit and should be read by those interested in what is happening in Australian schools.  I do sometimes worry that some have comments about the system without knowing  the content that is taught.

The Australian Curriculum is innovative and creative, it’s contemporary and it does what a good curriculum does. it allows teachers the scope to do what they do best …. to be creative and teach!   ACARA has done a marvellous job and Australian taxpayers have received value for money, no doubt!   (Don’t listen to the ‘journos’ from the Australian newspaper, they’re doing a job: beating up a story and drawing conclusions, in the hope they attract readers and have an impact on government policy).

The phase 1 and phase 2 subjects, the ones already released for trial have some amazing resources for teachers.  One example is  English for the Australian Curriculum ,

The challenge is in the, not released yet, Technology Learning Area (one of eight learning areas)  there are  two subjects : ‘Design and Technology’ and ‘Digital Technologies’ which don’t have the contemporary resources freely available for the other subjects.  Compounding the challenge Digital Technologies is also a new subject so high quality resources, directly linked to the learning outcomes,  are in short supply.  There are some; check out Scootle and search for ICT resources, but there needs to be many more.

We need to do something about this, lets hope it happens before the curriculum is implemented in Australian state and territory education systems so that teachers have a chance to implement the subject well.

No we are not there yet and we have some-way to go!



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