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Oh .. so wrong! October 14, 2013

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My dad drilled into us as kids –  if you don’t have something positive to say in a conversation, think of something!  He didn’t mean don’t have your own opinions, or don’t argue or don’t participate in a conversation, but he did mean at least find something positive to comment on, as there is always something good to be found.  I do wish our national papers had listened to my dad.

I was horrified by what was written in a major Australian newspaper about digital resources designed to support  English  in the Australian Curriculum.  It was the tone and the implications (and it was so uninformed!).

“STUDENTS will create an artwork from trash, play the logo quiz, study car and perfume ads, and watch YouTube videos in their high school English class under lesson plans produced for teachers by the national English teacher organisations.”

I thought the Primary English Teaching Association responded well.

(My dad, on principle, would find so much good in the Australian Curriculum ….)

I do think teachers should visit the site.  A visit by someone who knows what happens in a classroom will see how wrong the journalist was. Check out the site –  E4AC

Also while browsing have a look at these sites:  Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, The Arts. as they are fantastic examples of digital resources that are appearing to support the new curriculum.

I am starting to think I should put our national education journos in the same category as I have Collingwood Football Club supporters; but then again, that might be doing a dis-service to those black and white fanatics.